About Us

Pinky Toes was founded in 2007 to meet the childcare needs of the community.  Families need a reliable, safe and high quality program where children can play, learn and grow.  We quickly became known for our exceptional Infant Care program, which is based on responsive caregiving and attacment building.   Our Preschool program had grown to be one of the best in our area, expanding twice by 2010.


It is the mission of Pinky Toes to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate childcare and early learning experiences for children from birth through early school age with an individual, wholesome, child driven approach.  To support social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth.  To provide a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment for children to play, learn and grow.


Our vision is to be the recognized leader in childcare, early education and after school care.  Providing excellence in services and programming to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children.  Being the #1 choice for choice for parents who know their children are well cared for, engaged, educated and smiling.  We want the students of our programs to go forth with a love of play, adventure and learning.


Children grow and learn best in an environment where they are free to explore, create, and communicate openly with peers and adults.  The program is designed to follow routines appropriate to an individual child’s needs.  The program is inclusive of all children including those with identified disabilities and special learning and developmental needs.

Core Values

The Core Values we teach by are directly connected to our mission.

We hold these Core Values near and dear to everything we do in our work with children.

We believe play is the most important element in Early Childhood Education.

We believe Early Childhood Education should be child directed and flexible to meet individual needs.

We believe childhood is a unique and valuable time and should be respected.

We believe children should be children.

We believe in messes, exploration and adventure.

We believe the environment is just as important as the materials.

We believe Parents are the expert of their children and learning starts at home.

We believe children who spend time in a safe, fun, loving and nurturing environment develop secure attachments and strong independent social and emotional skills.

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